We are working to protect your health and our’s

We implemented strict protocols for your safety.

We are working to protect your health and our’s, that is why we are taking some measurements in our procedures to support social distancing and in our housekeeping area to  take all necessary precautions to fully sanitize each room and public areas.

We are working to protect your health and our’s

Some measurements that we are taking are:


CHECK-IN: Previously to guest arrival, we will request all the information required and the copy of the ID by email or WhatsApp, at the arrival, the guest will only review it, sign and take the key, without contact with the front desk staff.

CHECK-OUT: Previously to the check-out time, we will send a copy of their statement for review and approval; the payment will be made directly by the guest thought a link that sends via email or WhatsApp.


TRAINING: All of our employees in charge of cleaning, disinfection, food and beverages production and direct contact with guests have special and certified training in asepsis, sterilization, and safe measures. All our operation procedures have been adapted with the GHO recommendations

FOLLOW-UP TO OUR EMPLOYEE’S HEALTH CONDITION: Daily all of our employees have strict temperature controls and follow-up of their health condition and the people whose lives with them.


For our employees is mandatory the correct use of the face mask and gloves, all areas are provided with sanitizing gel. Every 3 hours the employees have to wash their hands according with the protocols. In the Food and Beverages production areas, in addition, they have to use acrylic facemask and a disposable suit.


AIR PURIFIER: The Hotel is using a special device in all areas to purify the air and clean it from harmful agents.

DISINFECTANTS RUGS: All Hotel access points have disinfectants rugs to guarantee the shoes disinfection of those who come to our hotel.

SURFACES STERILIZATION: In all public areas like lobby, bathrooms, restaurant, bar, among others, we are increase the clean and disinfection periodicity and provide sanitizing gel.

CLEAN ROUTINE INCREASE: We have increase the periodicity of cleaning and disinfection of all our public areas.


CLEANSING AND DISINFECTION: We have intensified the room cleansing process; it is tighter to guarantee the disinfection of all surfaces and remove infection risk. We have adopted our room cleaning procedure to guarantee the compliance of all biosecurity recommendation given by the World Tourism Organization.

VENTILATION: The natural ventilation of our rooms will be longer, doubled the habitual time to guarantee the atmosphere health.

ROOMS “QUARANTINE”: After the check-out, we will guarantee a 24 hours period between each guest.


CLEANSING AND DISINFECTION: The employees have to pass through disinfectant rugs to enter at this area and have several points with sanitizing gel. The disinfection process of the areas and all it surfaces has increased.

MERCHANDISE HANDLING: The requested merchandise must go through strict cleaning and disinfection processing at the arrival time and before be used.

PACKING PROCESSED PRODUCT: All prepared food products will be delivered in heat-sealing package to guarantee the food safety. That applies for room service and delivery.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE: All of our food and beverages service will be attend in the room without extra charge, with the measures to guarantee the food safety. Every day we will have several options to guarantee the usual variety.


COMMON AREAS USE: We reduced at least half of the restaurant, bar and terrace chairs to guarantee the social distancing minimum of 3 meters.

ELEVATORS: Each elevator will transport maximum two people per use. We will have sanitizing gel at the entrance of the elevator in each floor.

SOCIAL DISTANCING SIGNAGE: In the Lobby and different traffic areas we have signs to guarantee and remember guest and customers to keep social distancing.